Episode #3

Urban Living Edition

In today’s episode (recorded on October 10, 2012) we discuss a number of topics around the living in the city. We got our episode numbers a little off here, we didn’t think #2 had anything but was able to edit it down so this is actually #3 even though we introduce it as #2…..There is some overlap in topics in #2 and #3. We will move on to all new topics in episode #4!



Here are some of the links to things we discussed:

Payroll Tax being replaced with Gross Receipts tax

Econtalk interview where the economists talk about taxes

Stamen’s infographic on Silicon Valley transportation

City; Rediscovering the Center

This isn’t the article I read but it illuminates the problem of urban density and NIMBY

Tom Vanderbilt’s great book Traffic

The Invisible Gorilla

Green building in China

Self Driving cars

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