Episode #2

Movies, the Primacy of Cars, Public and Private Infrastructure and the perception problems of economics

The second installment of The Aphorists finds us in our studio in the Dogpatch. The sirens and office noise at the Lab proved too distracting, plus I like to limit the amount of time I spend in the Mission these days (no offense to those of you who love that hood and are inured to the port-o-potty like atmosphere of 16th and Capp). This was recorded on October 10th, 2012.



Links to things we talked about in this episode:

Part 1: Movie and Book Reviews

The Master

Slate Culture Gabfest Get Thee Behind Me Satan Episode

New Yorker article about Scientology

Salman Rushdie memoir in New Yorker

Satanic Verses on Audible!!!!

Brian Williams Siri rant 

I claim to not want to defend Bruce Willis but actually I do, he was awesome in so many movies not to mention Moonlighting. Die Hard, The Fifth Element, Unbreakable, Twelve Monkeys, the list goes on! -Aphorist #1

Part 2: The Primacy of Cars

Adam Rogers Observation Deck

Taxis in New York on Planet Money

Lyft, Uber, SideCar, or read this article on these services

Millennials not buying houses or cars in the Atlantic

Stamen.com visualizing the private routes of Google, Apple, Facebook, etc

Elizabeth Warren piece in the New Yorker

Aphorist #2’s aphorism: “Libertarianism is to Silicon Valley as Scientology is to Hollywood”

Charitable Giving in Silicon Valley – Charity 2.0

Kevin Kelly – What Technology Wants

Planet Money 6 Economists make a platform, and a follow up blog post, and marketing the platform in episode #406

Russ Roberts who is the host of EconTalk and a conversation with Robert Frank hosted by Alex Blumberg of Planet Money

Bonus material: Freidrich von Hayek Pretense of Knowledge Nobel Peace Prize speech

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