Episode #12

Welcome to Crazy Town


Wherein Jesse is trying to get his arms around some crazy ideas and Anthony is trying to understand what the fuck he is talking about.



Quote by Jonathan Sterne from the New Yorker article Music To Your Ears by Adam Gopnick:

“The fundamental insight of psycho-acoustics is incredibly profound for a humanist. Human ears aren’t natural reflectors of sound in the world. They are themselves these transducers that make reality – the perception of sound is not a mirror of nature. Therefore, perception in a way makes sounds, and it makes sounds differently from a microphone and a computer detecting vibrations out in the world”

Links to things we discuss:



Friederich Frobel


Joseph Beuys

DIA Beacon


Edmund Husserl

Merleau-Ponty Primacy of Perception

Partially Examined Life

Kevin Kelly What Technology Wants

The Telluric Currents

Emerson and the Transparent Eye

The Cone of the Known

FA Hayek Pretense of Knowledge





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